This Redskins fan is more devoted to his team than you could ever hope to be

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

The Washington Redskins fanbase is in danger of running away with the Most Obsessed title before the season even begins. We've already brought you the stories of fans who bought RG3 everything on his wedding registry, the obsessive with eight feet of Redskins fingernails and the goofball tackling his Christmas tree in celebration, and now this: the single greatest feat of horticultural fandom we've yet observed in a suburban setting.

We don't know who this is, and we don't want to know, because chances are good some Cowboys fans, anti-Redskin advocates, or Daniel Snyder himself will come by with a weedwacker and a lawnmower. So we'll simply stay on this side of the fearsome caution tape and applaud.

Top that, Dallas.

[Image: @SuperSkin1 via KSK]