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Pacman Jones feels the handcuffs again, but wrongfully this time

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Sunday afternoon, brief reports emerged that Adam "Pacman" Jones had been detained by police after a postgame traffic accident, but they were a little short on details and explanation.

A police officer said that Pacman swerved onto a curb in an effort to "avoid hitting someone or something" in a downtown street, but was then questioned and released.

But Monday, Pro Football Talk has comments from Pacman's agent, Thomas Hunter, and he's got a slightly different version of the story. Via PFT:

Jones remained at the scene due to the possibility of a pedestrian injury. When police arrived, Jones identified himself. Police discovered an outstanding felony warrant for "Adam Jones". Before confirming that Adam "Pacman" Jones is the same Adam Jones(notes) for whom police were looking, the Pacman version of Adam Jones was handcuffed.

Hunter tells us that Jones told the police they were mistaken, but that the police didn't accept his explanation. Jones remained in handcuffs for 45 minutes before being placed in a cruiser and driven from the scene. Then, two blocks later, the police abruptly acknowledged the error and released him.


"It was a stupid thing that deprived him of his liberty and embarrassed him and humiliated him in front of everybody," Hunter said. "Everybody saw him being arrested."

Oh boy. The history between Bengals football players and local police isn't always thought of as friendly and supportive. Marvin Lewis commented on it once, as did ESPN's Ric Bucher. There may be some tension there, and this isn't going to help.

Frankly, if I were in Pacman's shoes, I'd be upset, too. Why does it take 45 minutes to figure out which Adam Jones is which? I'm not a cop, but I assume that when the police issue a warrant for a man, they have more information about him than his first name and last name. Shouldn't someone have a picture? Perhaps a physical description? Social security number? The knowledge of whether or not he's employed by the Cincinnati Bengals? Something that would make it pretty straightforward to determine the difference between two human beings?

And why do those 45 minutes have to be spent in handcuffs, on the sidewalk, in front of the general public and anyone who wants to walk by and take a picture? If it's true that Jones had remained at the scene voluntarily -- and there are no reports that he was combative or resisting police in any way -- why were the cuffs necessary during the 45 minutes it took to straighten things out?

Yes, I know that Pacman has a history, and I realize that he's probably given up any benefit of the doubt. This seems like a pretty straightforward thing, though, that could've been resolved very quickly. Keep in mind, too, that it started with absolutely zero indication that Pacman had broken any laws. And the fact that he does have this reputation, and that this stint with Cincinnati may be his last shot in the league, makes it even more important to him to avoid trouble, or even the appearance of trouble.

Pacman's entitled to some answers here. Probably an apology, too.

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