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Ndamukong Suh saved Louie Anderson from drowning … so there’s that

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While the Ravens and 49ers are getting ready for a Super Bowl, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was on the set of "Celebrity Diving" saving comedian Louie Anderson from drowning.

Apparently, these are the types of stories happen when a NFL player goes on "Celebrity Diving." Let's just be thankful it wasn't Katherine Webb who Suh saved out of the pool, or the Internet may have exploded.

The story, which of course came from TMZ, says the comedian and former "Family Feud" host was ready to sink to the bottom of the pool from exhaustion when Suh came to the rescue.

TMZ said Anderson was practicing his dives but was tired and kept falling into the water. He had to be lifted out by Suh and former Olympian Greg Louganis (we're gonna take a guess which one did most of the heavy lifting) and Anderson was reportedly fine after coughing up water for a couple seconds.

So while Suh's team may not have made the playoffs, how many other NFL defensive tackles saved a comedian from sinking like a rock to the bottom of a pool on a reality show this week?

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