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Lions are learning fun new ways to displease road fans

Shutdown Corner

Before last week's win at Tampa Bay, the Detroit Lions had lost 26 straight road games. Center Dominic Raiola(notes) has been there for every single one of them.

So even though the Lions made it two in a row with a road win over Miami this week, they're still getting used to this winning thing. As it turns out, fans in opposing stadiums don't like it when you come to town and beat the home team. They like it so little, in fact, that sometimes they yell at the team that was just mean to their team.

Raiola -- as he is prone to do -- yelled back, and here's an edited version of what he said. Warning: The profanity is blanked out, but you still get an idea of what was said. Exercise proper caution at work.

Head coach Jim Schwartz said Raiola could be fined. From Tim Twentyman at the Detroit News:

"The best way to do it is to not acknowledge it," Schwartz said. "Dominic is a very emotional player. It's one of the things that drives him as a player. He takes everything personally and that's good in a lot of ways. But you have to draw the line when it's fans and stuff. Short of physical confrontation and someone throwing something … we need to do a better job of controlling that. We need to learn how to deal with winning."

And I don't doubt that they will. In the meantime, I'm sure the fans back home won't mind -- as long as it comes with a win, the people of Detroit would probably tolerate the team bus blaring an Eazy-E album and crashing through the ground floor of a convent.

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