Lance Briggs says the NFL fined Jon Bostic $21K for his bone-rattling hit against San Diego

Jay Busbee

When Bears rookie Jon Bostic unleashed a hit that knocked San Diego wide receiver Mike Willie halfway to Dubuque, the Bears exulted, thrilled that their newest addition was making an immediate, yes, impact.

"It kind of looked Lance Briggs-esque,'' defensive end Corey Wootton said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "It was a heck of a hit. Everyone said, 'That's mini-Lance over there.'''

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Turns out the NFL apparently wasn't quite as impressed. Briggs himself reported some unfortunate news for Bostic on Twitter:

To drive the point home, he referred to the hit that put Miami's Dustin Keller out for the season:

The NFL has not yet confirmed the fine. However, if it stands, and Bostic doesn't win an appeal, the fine would represent 5 percent of his annual salary and almost one full game's pay ($23,823 before taxes) for the rookie. In other words, Bostic will have to pay to play in his first NFL game. One might assume, then, that some of the Bears veterans might kick in a couple bucks to help their newest starter.

Also of note: the NFL had previously referred to Bostic's hit as a "spectacular tackle" in both the headline and text surrounding video of the hit; the "spectacular" has been removed from the headline and replaced with "hard-hitting" in the text. Got to keep on-message, you know.

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