Kevin Costner stars as Cleveland Browns GM in NFL movie ‘Draft Day’

Frank Schwab
December 23, 2013

There have been plenty of classic baseball and boxing movies, and basketball at least has "Hoosiers" and hockey has "Slap Shot."

There's not one football-based movie that everyone agrees is a classic, which is surprising considering the NFL is America's most popular sport. There's a market there.

It's often joked that the NFL draft might be the second most popular sport in America. The ratings the draft gets every spring are remarkable. Perhaps there's room for a dramatic movie about the inner workings of the draft. Director Ivan Reitman is banking on it.

Kevin Costner stars as the Cleveland Browns general manager in a movie that features a good cast (Jennifer Garner is the female lead) and a well-known director (Reitman). It also features something most movies don't get: the NFL's seal of approval. Game and draft footage is used throughout the film. There is no "Miami Sharks" fictional team, like in "Any Given Sunday."

The movie centers around the wheelings and dealings of a front office during the NFL draft, for which the Browns have the first pick (depressed Cleveland fans aren't too surprised).

The movie comes out on April 11. We'll see if it's the classic football movie we've been waiting for.

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