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Jim Irsay demands – check that, DEMANDS – better protection from the Colts for Andrew Luck

Frank Schwab
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Say whatever you wish about Colts owner Jim Irsay, but give him credit: He obviously doesn't have anyone sending out Twitter messages for him.

Irsay doesn't believe in scrubbed up PR-friendly Twitter messages. To announce on Twitter that you apologize for a preseason loss and your "commanders got an earful" takes a some chutzpah, even if you're the owner of a NFL team.

You have to love it. In a way, this is what Twitter is all about, a live wire of an owner sharing his stream of consciousness thoughts. Even if the coaches he hires might nervously check their alerts to see what he says.

This time, he was not happy that his franchise quarterback Andrew Luck was under too much pressure against the Raiders.

If this is the work of one of Irsay's employees, he or she is doing a mighty fine job making it look authentic.

Perhaps it's not the most enjoyable thing to see your boss criticize you to more than 200,000 Twitter followers, but we're sure the message gets across. And, it's not too surprising that Irsay would be going on a rampage about keeping his quarterback off the ground.

It almost makes you root for the Colts to struggle, to see what rant Irsay will fire off next.

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