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Hail to the pup: Well-trained dog pulls for Redskins, shuns Cowboys

Shutdown Corner

Here at Shutdown Corner, we pride ourselves in bringing you the full range of NFL media, from insightful interviews to cogent analysis to, well ... this:

That there is Dexter the dog (named for Redskins great Dexter Manley, not murderous TV character Dexter Morgan), and it appears he's quite the Redskins fan. It's not often that a dog will turn down treats, but Dex refuses to indulge in a Cowboys-oriented slab of bacon. Bravo, Dexter; most dogs I know wouldn't much care if Michael Vick himself were holding out that bacon treat. (Too soon?) You've got to wonder how Dexter was trained to turn his nose up at anything Cowboys, but perhaps he was just shown some tape of their hurry-up offense. That's enough to put even a dog off his lunch.

Of course, this doesn't answer the question of how the Dallas Cowboys bacon tastes. You've got to figure that at one time, it was the best bacon in the land but now tastes like garbage, despite what many Cowboy bacon fans would have you believe. Eagles bacon looks good enough but will make you vomit the more you eat of it. Giants bacon doesn't look like anything special but is unexpectedly tasty. And Chiefs bacon is, of course, only a cardboard picture of bacon.

Feel free to continue the metaphor however you wish. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Dexter.

[Video via The Victory Formation]

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