Eli Manning’s going to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

April 16, 2012

Give Eli Manning a big pair of shoes and he'll fill them. Archie's his dad, Peyton's his brother, and his professional quarterbacking résumé can stand alongside either of them.

Hosting "Saturday Night Live" as well as his brother, though ‒ that might be a bigger challenge.

It's happening on May 5. Eli will step onto the stage on studio 8H at 30 Rock, alongside musical guest Rihanna, and he'll host "Saturday Night Live." People who know him personally say that Eli's got an extremely sharp sense of humor, though that's a side of him that he rarely lets the public see. If he wants to hold his own against Peyton's legendary performance, though, he's going to have to let loose.

This is what he's up against:

This one was pretty great, too.