Dr. James Andrews reportedly concerned about how Redskins plan to use RG3 in the offense

Frank Schwab

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, when pressed if Robert Griffin III will start the season opener now that he's cleared, avoided the question by saying Dr. James Andrews still had some concerns.

Well, Andrews' concerns are something we really haven't heard before.

According to ESPN, Andrews "expressed concern about how the Redskins plan to use Griffin in their offense." Assuming that Shanahan didn't tell Andrews he planned to use Griffin at left tackle instead of quarterback, one would figure this means he's concerned that the Redskins don't plan to tell Griffin to not run the ball. If Andrews did express concerns about Griffin's role in the offense, that might be a first for a doctor.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Andrews has now publicly denied any of this.

The Washington Times said Andrews denied the concerns, via text message:

“Not true. Team will use him appropriately. No concerns. No further comments except from team," Andrews said, according to the Times.

OK, then.

It didn't make sense that Andrews would offer that opinion to the team. It wouldn't go over well if the Redskins did tell Griffin to not run the ball. That's one of his strengths as a quarterback. And Griffin is going to get hit in the pocket too; that's kind of how football works. You'd figure when the doctor clears Griffin to play, it means he's clearing him to play.

Or, well, this puts it best:

There's no way to completely protect a NFL player from injury, aside from not playing him at all. Griffin will have to be a little more aware of when to slide on his runs, but that has been drilled into him all offseason. If Andrews cleared Griffin, it should mean he's ready to play. If Griffin isn't healthy enough, why was he cleared?

Whatever is going on, this is a new one. We thought the Griffin drama was done when he tweeted out that he was cleared. It seems now that the next phase of it was just starting.

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