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Chad Johnson doesn't seem so lovable anymore

Shutdown Corner

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Remember not too long ago, when Chad Johnson was the media darling of the world, and he could do no wrong? He'd get fined for a celebration, and everyone would stand up for him and say, "Oh, he's just having fun! The league is so mean! Let Chad be Chad! He's such a great guy!"

These days ... not so much.

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports (via ProFootballTalk) reports that Johnson shoved an NFL media guy on his way out of an NFL Network interview. According to Marvez, the NFL employee tried to stop Johnson a couple of times to answer a question, and Johnson ended up shoving the guy and staring him down.

It's hard to judge a situation like this, because in this context, a "shove" could mean anything from rudely brushing up against a guy to slamming his head into a wall, and a "staring someone down" could be anything from a dirty look to a prolonged Ivan Drago "I must break you" stare.

But either way, the days of Chad Johnson being a media darling are gone, and with each incident like this, and each repeated trade demand, he becomes less like the old Chad Johnson and more like the new Terrell Owens.

It was fun while it lasted, though.

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