Brandon Lloyd gives up football for acting, to star alongside Daniel Baldwin in ‘After Effect’

Eric Edholm
September 17, 2013

Many of you have wondered: Why don't the New England Patriots just bring back Brandon Lloyd amidst all their wide receiver issues?

We now have an answer.

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Lloyd appears headlong into his second career of acting and reportedly will co-star alongside Daniel Baldwin (yes, one of the Baldwin brothers!) in a film called "After Effect." According to the movie's IMDB page, here's a summary of the plot:

"When college students sign up for what seems a simple paid research study, they soon realize their lives are in danger. Unfortunately they've unknowingly volunteered their bodies as human collateral in an ongoing U.S. Military experiment."

Lloyd will star as, well, Sgt. Chuck Lloyd, which may or may not have been his nickname in the New England locker room. You see, Lloyd — who played for six teams in his 10-year career — was seen as a little bit different, personality-wise. The Patriots thanked him for his service and moved on this offseason, but so far the "after effects" of their moves at wideout have not been so hot.

Still, Lloyd reportedly has rejected overtures from at least six teams this offseason (which apparently includes the Patriots) to come play for them. Now we know why.

So we must learn to sit back and embrace Lloyd, the actor. And by doing so, let's watch this short, thrilling clip in which it's impossible to tell if Lloyd is one of the men on the screen (which makes it all the more exciting):

The Youtube page boasts that the movie will be available on October 8 at Walmart, so please don't bother us on that day.

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