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  • Marshawn Lynch leaps into a tank full of Skittles on Conan's show

    Jay Busbee at Shutdown Corner2 hrs ago

    Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles. He loves diving into the end zone and grabbing himself while doing so. Leave it to Conan O'Brien, then, to combine these two great loves into 15 seconds of genius.

    So much to love about this video:

    • Lynch does his, uh, equipment adjustment grab while he's in the air.

    • Conan is somehow able to get more out of Marshawn Lynch than the entire NFL media. (Remember when they played Mortal Kombat together?)

    • How long did it take interns to open all the Skittles packs, and what did they do with them when the sketch was done?

    • If Pete Carroll had written this sketch, he'd have called for Conan to pass.

    The offseason, baby!

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  • Michael Sam returns to Montreal to resume football career

    Frank Schwab at Shutdown Corner4 days ago

    Michael Sam returned to Montreal, is expected to report to the CFL's Alouettes as soon as Saturday, and will then resume his football career.

    Les Carpenter of the Guardian reported that Sam should return to his football team soon, which was likely his only hope of playing football at a high level again. Sam left the Alouettes on June 12, right before their exhibition season began. The team played its regular-season opener on Thursday. Sam already had work to do to convince an NFL team he deserves a roster spot, and quitting his CFL team after struggling in training camp wouldn't have looked good on his football résumé. According to The Guardian, Sam returned to Montreal earlier this week; he has been seen around the city the past couple days.

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