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  • Simulator runs Super Bowl matchup 50,000 times, and winner is ...

    Kristian Dyer at Shutdown Corner11 hrs ago

    The Super Bowl has a point spread that is very close in Las Vegas, but a computer simulator has figured out who will win.

    Using an astounding array of analytics, the Predictalator on ran 50,000 simulations of Super Bowl XLIX. And 57.5 percent of the time in its simulations, the Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots.

    And from these tens of thousands of simulations, the site has the Seahawks most likely winning by a 24-20 score.

    According to the folks who run the Predictalator, the Seahawks are “simply, the team more capable of dominating.”

    “ For the second year in a row, we like Seattle when the vast majority of the public – over 70 percent based on available betting information – believes the AFC is going to win. Much of that perception is likely based off of what happened during conference championship weekend,” Paul Bessire, general manager of told Yahoo Sports.

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