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Little girl adorably throws away foul ball souvenir at Yankee Stadium

David Brown
Big League Stew

I really hope this little girl grows up to be a top NCAA softball pitcher, perhaps the Cat Osterman or Liza Brown of her day. Because then we can say that we were there when it all began at Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Batting against Baltimore's Wei-Yin Chen in the bottom of the fourth inning, heavily paid Yankees slugger Vernon Wells hit a foul ball into the second deck, where it was caught barehanded by a man in the second row wearing a cutoff T-shirt. After celebrating his fine athletic feat for a moment, he unselfishly handed the ball to perhaps the cutest little girl ever. Without hesitating, the young left-hander flung the ball into the lower deck.

Noooooooo! Everybody knows that the foul ball (or home run ball) is the ultimate souvenir and should never be thrown away. Unless ... you're a 5-year-old, because that's what 5-year-old are supposed to do with a ball. Throw it.

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Dad seemed to laugh it off, but mom appears to be explaining how it's not nice to give away gifts, especially in front of the giver. That's the only real faux pax she committed. Besides, she's got a great arm. It won't be long before the colleges come calling.

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