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  • Miguel Sano takes frustration out on bat Bo Jackson-style

    Kyle Ringo at Big League Stew19 hrs ago

    Miguel Sano went 1-for-5 and drove in two runs Wednesday night in a loss to the Atlanta Braves. Not a banner night by any means, but hardly the kind of performance you might expect to upset him.

    But Sano was angry when he struck out in the eighth inning. It was his third strike out of the night and 105th this season and it came with two runners in scoring position. He took it out on his bat, breaking it over his knee Bo Jackson-style.

    That’s a strong man folks. Seems like that has to hurt, at least a little bit. Maybe someday they will make a bobblehead doll in honor of these impressive feats of strength from Sano as they did recently for Jackson, whobroke a few bats the same way in his day.

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