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    Here's why the Steelers, not Patriots, can be the AFC favorites in 2017

    Here’s how the Pittsburgh Steelers ’ past three seasons have ended: Wild-card loss to the Baltimore Ravens , divisional-round loss to the Denver Broncos , conference championship loss to the New England Patriots . Both Denver and New England went on to win the Super Bowl. If we assume that the Steelers’ success is linear, then in a year’s time they will be in their ninth Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Steelers fans, a straight line isn’t representative of the relational complexities of more than five months of football. In simpler terms: In the NFL, past success doesn’t guarantee you anything in the future. Look no further than the Carolina Panthers , who went 15-1 in 2015 and faced the aforementioned

  • Sammy Sosa would gladly return to Cubs, but he won't beg
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    Sammy Sosa would gladly return to Cubs, but he won't beg

    Sammy Sosa is open to a return to the Cubs, but the organization isn’t feeling it. The Chicago Cubs’ World Series run saw a number of franchise icons return to the limelight. Slugging outfielder Sammy Sosa has not returned to Wrigley Field after the two sides experienced a nasty divorce following the 2004 season.

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    How will new scoring impact NASCAR in 2017?

    Yahoo Sports' Jay Busbee and Nick Bromberg look ahead to the upcoming race to the Monster Cup Series title, including how a new scoring system will affect strategy and the title chances of Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.