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Hulking fullback Owen Schmitt gained minor fame during the halcyon Rodriguez era at West Virginia for being a) A walk-on made good; b) An underrated blocker and occasional receiver in one of the most potent offenses in the nation; c) A runaway beer truck; and d) Possessing an insane disregard for his own physical and possibly mental well-being, as memorably demonstrated in a fit of self-inflicted cranial abuse following a botched punt against Louisville in 2007:

By all accounts out of Morgantown, Schmitt really did have a steel forehead, even if he could be a big softy sometimes. But as the now-Seahawk learned along with the rest of America Sunday, there's only so much even the most battle-hardened capillaries can withstand if you go to the "Crazy Skull Smash" well one time too many:

Actually, one gets the feeling that Schmitt would walk around grinning through a blood-soaked maw all the time if he had his way, and the fact that he doesn't is a triumph of civilization. Every now and then, though, accepted societal norms of self-preservation must yield to Owen being Owen.

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