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Attention, Nike: For all the alternate helmets, "Pro Combat" motifs, faux retro looks, tricked-out accessories and Oregon variations you inflicted on college football this season – including TCU's white-domed Antarctic theme for the season opener – the best uniform tweak of the season by far is the Horned Frogs' subtle addition to the standard helmet logo for the Rose Bowl:

The rest of the uniform is TCU's standard purple-on-black affair, but this is the kind of detail that your average, sweatshirt-wearing fan can appreciate: Simple, understated, situation-appropriate and reserved for a special occasion. A rose in the Horned Frogs' mouth is classy and classic, as opposed to, well, whatever this is supposed to be. Keep it clean. (Although I did dig Virginia Tech's "Tron" look against Boise State, for real.)

[Another fashion break: Army's football team goes all-camo]

[Update, 8:58 p.m. ET] As for the game itself, the final score turned out rosy for TCU, a 21-19 winner to cap a 13-0 season. For their achievement, the Horned Frogs can expect a nice pat on the head from BCS chairman Bill Hancock any day now.

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