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Nick Friedell is on the scene this week at the CBE and Old Spice Classics in Kansas City and Orlando, respectively. Here's his latest dispatch.

You might have noticed Florida's Walter Hodge on the court at the CBE Classic, not just for his 10 points and five assists in a win over Washington, but also for his curious haircut. The senior guard has his 2-year-old daughter's name etched into the side of his head. "KIKI" resides on one side, while a star is located on the other.

Since Kiki is in Puerto Rico at the moment with the rest of his family, Hodge went to the barber and decided that he would etch the name into his hair so that his baby girl would know he was thinking about her. "She was happy [when she saw the new haircut for the first time]. When she saw, she was screaming and stuff like that so it was good," Hodge said.

The star on the other side represents Kiki's love for the children's classic, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Hodge says, "She was like, ‘Mom, Daddy's got a twinkle, he's got a star,' so it was nice. She started singing the song."

If you think that Hodge's teammates gave him the business for getting the new hairstyle ... think again. He's the only player remaining on Florida's roster with two national championship rings, so he's earned the right to do whatever he wants.

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