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Type into your favorite web browser, and you might be surprised by what page pops up.

No, not the official Arizona State athletics site or even a site run by a Sun Devils fan. That URL actually redirects you to the official athletic site of the rival Arizona Wildcats.

Nobody has come forward to take responsibility for this prank, but it's probably safe to assume a group of clever Arizona students are behind this one. A look at the domain history of shows that an anonymous individual owns the URL and updated the site on Aug. 5.

A rivalry prank like this one might seem like harmless fun, but Arizona State officials apparently aren't taking this lightly. According to the Arizona Republic, the university is exploring all legal options since this was done without its permission.

Arizona State initially wanted as the domain name for its official athletics website, but it was already taken so they settled for backup choice At this point, the school probably should buy up all the obvious URLs like and before fans from other Pac-10 schools come up with a clever idea for those too.

Congrats to whoever concocted this prank, but the Cal students who embarrassed ex-USC guard Gabe Pruitt a few years ago still have bragging rights in any sort of Pac-10 prank wars.

They set up a fake instant messenger account for an attractive UCLA coed named Victoria, coaxed a phone number out of Pruitt and arranged a date for the night of USC's game at Cal in 2006. Then whenever Pruitt touched the ball or went to the free-throw line, Cal's entire student section chanted "VIC-TOR-I-A, VIC-TOR-I-A" or the digits of his cell phone number, no doubt contributing to Pruitt's 3-for-13 shooting night.    

Arizona's prank deserves an A-minus. That one is an A-plus.      

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