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I can't make it much more plain than that. Buried 10 graphs in this K.C. Star story about Missouri's exhibition opener Thursday night is the rather revelatory fact that Missouri guard Kim English spends his nocturnal hours sleeping in Mizzou Arena. The explanation:

No Missouri basketball player has likely ever spent as much time practicing his game. A year ago English frequently slept at Mizzou Arena, so as to be able to shoot after practice and before class the next day. The practice has been catching. A lot of players are doing the same thing now.

This is insane. Like, it's one thing to be a college athlete, putting in the long morning hours before and after classes, spending basically every waking hour in the gym ... but to spend every sleeping hour in the gym so you can spend more waking hours in the gym borders on the fanatical. I'm almost worried for Kim English. He seems like a very nice, well-rounded young man, and this isn't healthy.

This isn't the first time the Star has written about English's unusual work ethic, either. From last June:

“On my recruiting visit, they told us this was a 24-hour practice facility,” English, a 6-foot-6 freshman guard from Baltimore, said Wednesday. “We’ve got a key and it works at 12 p.m., it works at 1 a.m. It works 24 hours a day.”

English sleeps in a leather chair that he drags from the players’ lounge to the locker room, allowing him to work around the clock. “To help this team win this year, I’ll do anything,” said English. [...] “I’ll sleep outside if that’s what it takes.”

Again, dude, not healthy. But it's also pretty cool, and the sort of thing Missouri fans and notoriously demanding head coach Mike Anderson will appreciate. And hey, maybe English gets a break on room and board. Win, win, and win.

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