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In addition to its general lameness, "Lob City" has seemed like a poor nickname for the Clippers. That's not because "Lob Angeles" wakes much more sense, but because there are a number of NBA teams capable of pulling off amazing alley-oops. The Clippers may stake claim to being the capital of a lob nation, but there are various other lob cities, towns, and census-designated places of importance.

One of those places is Denver, where a number of versatile players have turned the Nuggets into an exciting and good squad. During Wednesday night's 110-83 win over the Kings, Rudy Fernandez and rookie Kenneth Faried combined for one of the best highlights of the young season. After a scramble at midcourt, Faried grabbed a loose ball and passed ahead to Fernandez, who found himself to far under the basket to score easily. So, instead of collecting himself with a defender nearby, he threw the ball over his head with two hands to a sprinting Faried, who finished with a one-handed slam.

Watch it above. Then tell me the Denver Nuggets don't deserve at least a seat or two on the Lob City Board of Supervisors. I hear Timofey Mozgov has a great plan to fix all those potholes on Stagger Screen Boulevard.

(via Ben Golliver)

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Ball Don't Lie

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