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I'm late to this news, but hey, that's what happens when one starts getting artsy-fartsy with Yao Ming, tassels and good ol' Photoshop. Rome wasn't built in a day, people, and neither was that picture. In fact, that's two weeks worth of work right there. I'm slow with the magic wand.

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago, the University of Hong Kong announced on its website that it will award NBA star Yao Ming an honorary doctorate in social sciences for his long-term devotion to global AIDS prevention and cure and the great contributions he has made. HKU explains The Gentle Giant's work:

Mr. Yao has made outstanding contributions in HIV/AIDS advocacy, appearing with Magic Johnson on commercials to support the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, and taking part in various activities on the Mainland, such as visiting children living with the disease. He has helped fight the social and cultural stigma associated with HIV/AIDS with his positive attitude and participation in the prevention and treatment of the disease, and continues to advocate action, care and full integration of people living with HIV/AIDS. In September 2008, Yao was presented with the "Award for Outstanding Contributions to the AIDS Response" by UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

Former US president Bill Clinton and medical professor David Ho will also receive honorary degrees. The three recipients will be awarded their honorary doctorates at a 2009 graduation ceremony in Hong Kong.

Congrats Dr. Yao!

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Ball Don't Lie

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