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I'm serious here — Tom Thibodeau needs to cool down a little bit. Check out those pit stains. He's a regular Ron Donald. Then again, if you were face to face with the guy who's been keeping you up at nights, you might get sweaty too. Best explanation for why Mr. Thibs is so wet gets Maxim deodorant. Good luck.

Previously, Paul Pierce's foot is definitely a foot.

Winner, AndrewH: "Hello ladies.
Look at your man.
Now back to me.
Now back to your man.
Now back to ME.
Sadly, He is not me. Size 11 shoes!
Look down. Now up.
The Louis Vuitton Bag you like.
I've just won a game of HORSE."

Runner-up, Moris: "Trainer: Is that a Louis Vuitton purse?
Pierce: It's a carry-all!
Trainer: Yeah, sure it is."

Second runner-up, Ol Leather Pumpkin: "I can't hear a heartbeat."

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Ball Don't Lie

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