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Create-a-Caption: The Force is strong with this one

[EXPLETIVE] here watched "Empire" and "Jedi" last week. Ever since then, he's been trying to do the Jedi mind trick. The crazy [EXPLETIVE] thinks he can levitate [EXPLETIVE] with his thoughts.

slaps the Larry O'Brien Trophy out of Dirk Nowitzki's(notes) hand

Knock it off.

Best caption wins a learning guide to how to use the Force in real life, which is totally possible and a completely reasonable pursuit, Internet. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! We visit a pre-Besiktas "Answer" and a pre-Lex Luthor JoeCraw.

Create-a-Caption: The Force is strong with this oneWinner, Jlpamc: Allen Iverson(notes): "I'll take Whoopi to block."

Runner-up, Mr. Jones: Iverson: "Whoa, look at the border of this picture. You think it'll break if I touch it?"

Joey Crawford: "I don't know. Try it."

Second runner-up, Whatever: "Hey Joey, look at the scoreboard. That can't be right. I've scored 30 points, but it says we're losing."

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Ball Don't Lie

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