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The Oklahoma City Thunder have sent Chris Wilcox to the New York Knicks for Malik Rose (above, left). I have no idea why.

Both have similar, MLE-ish contracts that expire this summer, but Wilcox can play. Rose, who is a good locker room guy but has only played 18 contests this year, cannot.

Rose hasn't shot over 40 percent from the field since the 2004-05 season, and his undersized frame leaves him quite prone on the defensive end. Isiah Thomas traded for him, so there's your final nail.

Wilcox isn't going to make the Knicks a lock for the playoffs, but he can finish around the basket, and could be good for a few 18-and-8 games in New York's up-tempo offense. The F/C is only 26, and is in desperate need of a coach that can toss him some consistent minutes. Just don't toss him the ball in the low post. Results vary.

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Ball Don't Lie

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