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Tim Sylvia should be salivating when he sees this. The former UFC champ has been handed Mariusz Pudzianowski for a fight in Worcester, Massachusetts in two weeks. There's still a chance it doesn't even happen. But if it does, Pudzianowski may be in trouble against the 6-foot-8, 300-pound veteran of 31 professional fights.

The Polish powerhouse didn't show much in his second pro fight earlier today in Poland. The five-time "World's Strongest Man" winner beat Yasute Kawaguchi but the fight was filled mostly with Pudzianowski clinches and power takedowns. He had top control for most of the fight but was either neutralized by Kawaguchi or used the time on the deck to catch his breath.

It was just two minutes into the fight when the 6-1, 300-pound Pudzianowski looked to be out of energy and breathing heavily. He did a horrible job of checking kicks and his boxing was rudimentary. His handlers may want to come up with a minor injury excuse and bow out of the May 21 Moosin to avoid getting embarrassed by Sylvia (pictured on the right).

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