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Bugs & Cranks' David Chalk, an occasional BLS contributor, checks in with his take on the liberating news that Barry Bonds may not have perjured himself after all and is moving to block some key evidence from the public record.

As many Americans and baseball fans were, I was saddened on that tragic day in November 2007 when the persecution of Barry Bonds reached its peak with a federal indictment.

But I also had a dream — a dream that Bonds would rise to this challenge as he had to so many others, that he would be completely exonerated and vindicated, that he would return to the game he has played better than anyone else, and that he would finally win a championship.

These past 14 months, I've never stopped believing.  And finally more of the truth of the injustice that is being done to this Greatest Player On Planet Earth, the "G-POPE", is coming to light, thanks to the excellent work of Jonathan Littman of Yahoo! Sports. I'm not surprised that expert testimony suggests Barry Bonds never did anything illegal.  I am surprised that it suggests that the prosecutors knew that he had done nothing illegal and nothing that directly violated any of baseball's rules, and yet they still tried to trap him into committing perjury with vague questions.

But just as next Tuesday's inauguration represents a new political beginning for our nation and a chance to re-embrace America's ideals of freedom, justice and equality, this seems like a perfect time for baseball fans to work for a new beginning by getting Barry Bonds back where he belongs — in the batter's box in a Major League ballpark. 

So I urge all of you to write to your favorite team — actually just write to every team — and ask them to do what is in their best interest now just as it was last April. Ask them to let Barry Bonds lead them to a championship.   Let's get Bonds signed before we need to think about starting Barry Bonds Job Watch 2009.

One writer, Oats23 of RootZoo who hails from Jonny Gomes' hometown of Petaluma CA, has gotten things started by suggesting the Giants bring Bonds back and sign Manny Ramirez.  Tell me that outfield wouldn't be good for the game.  Ticket sales and ratings would be through the roof.  It would be like Maris and Mantle on steroids — metaphorically, of course.  They'd probably both hit over .400 and combine for 150 home runs.

President Obama will have much to think about in his first days in office, but speaking up for Barry Bonds won't take long and is too important to ignore.  Bonds could do a lot more for the White Sox than Junior Griffey did, and more BCS talk from Obama when college football season ended over a week ago isn't going to do anyone any good.

Baseball needs Barry Bonds playing again. America needs Barry Bonds playing again. Bonds helped heal the nation in 2001 by breaking the single season home run record.  When Bonds broke the career record in 2007, Henry Aaron called it a great accomplishment which required skill, longevity and determination."  Aaron said his hope was that Barry's "achievement of this record will inspire others to chase their own dreams."

We need to live in an America where all people can pursue their dreams without being the victims of entrapment and persecution because some people refuse to believe that heroes like Barry Bonds could legally achieve such unparalleled greatness.  When Barry Bonds does return to the game, it won't be as inspiring or as important as the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King or the inauguration of President Obama, but it will be another proud step forward for the United States Of America.  So please, help bring Barry back, and let freedom ring.

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