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Weeks and Fielder receive big boos from Derby crowdPHOENIX — The Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers don't have much of a rivalry, but you would have never known it after listening to the Chase Field crowd on Monday night. As Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks(notes) dug in for the Home Run Derby, he was greeted by a solid round of cascading boos from the pro-snake crowd.

If you closed your eyes, it wasn't hard to imagine you were in Yankee Stadium and that Weeks was wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform.

The Bronx-type soundtrack didn't end there. When Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder(notes) stepped into the box, he received the same sort of welcome.

The beef the D'Backs fans had with both was legit, too: In selecting Weeks as one of his three picks for the NL Derby squad, Fielder had passed over Arizona outfielder Justin Upton(notes). That left those at Chase Field without a real horse in the race — but it also somehow created two enemies bigger than NL West mate Matt Kemp(notes) of the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Matt Holliday(notes) of the St. Louis Cardinals was the third rep for the NL.)

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Earlier in the day, I heard Fielder say that he wanted to select three Brewers with his three picks, but was told he could only pick one. Whether or not he was joking, I'm not sure, but he did have numbers on his side when he selected Weeks (17 homers) over Upton (15). Still, Weeks isn't Harmon Killebrew, exactly, so you can see where the hometown fans were mad in Upton getting neglected.

If Upton heard the boos for the Brewers or the chants of "We want Up-ton," he didn't let on, tweeting "Why are we booing Ricky? (sp) He's about to bang! #hrderby."

Thing is, you can't blame Fielder for taking care of his boy, either. But Weeks definitely should have rewarded Fielder's faith instead of bowing out after three boo-propelled home runs. Fielder, at least, turned the crowd a little toward his side, hitting four mammoth home runs to beat Holliday and David Ortiz(notes) in a first-round tiebreaker.

What do you think? Were Arizona fans right in booing both Brewer teammates?

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