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Roger Clemens was in Washington on Monday to plead not guilty to those pesky perjury charges. It seemed like a pretty normal process, but his choice of attire was anything but.

SB Nation's Ryan Hudson does his best Mr. Blackwell impression and points out that The Rocket should have been taken into custody right there for crimes against fashion:

A tie that looks like it is borrowed from his dad's closet? Silly Bandz? Frosted tips? Roger Clemens was more prepared for a junior high dance than he was a day in court.

Honestly, the tie is whatever. It's ugly, but it also probably cost more than my entire wardrobe so my inner Fashion Ump can't judge too much.

The Silly Bandz, however, just kills me. I mean, it's like if Pete Rose had shown up to his IRS trial in the late '80s wearing a bunch of slap bracelets while carrying a troll doll.

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