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The last time Tim Lincecum(notes) was in town, he stood on a dugout trashcan and signed autographs for fans sitting behind the visitor's dugout at Citizens Bank Park.

This time around, the relationship between the two sides was a little more strained.

Hey, don't get me wrong. Fightins' fans should have been booing the San Francisco Giants pitcher during Saturday night's NLCS Game 1 and I applaud a couple of their methods. Astute fans chanted "Tim-mmy, Tim-mmy" when Linececum showed displeasure with umpire Derryl Cousin's strike zone. They also wolf whistled him like they would an attractive girl because of his long hair. 

I was thinking 'I must have a really nice butt,'" Linececum laughed later

Now that's funny stuff. The "Hippy Trash" and "Fix Your Teeth" signs though? Eh, that's getting a little too personal  for my tastes, though Lincecum got personal right back, besting Roy Halladay(notes) in their time on the mound and getting the win in the Giants' 4-3 victory

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