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You can't call CC Sabathia(notes) a fair weather NFL fan. The Yankees ace has always shown his love for the silver-and-black and he was rewarded on Sunday when he showed up in Oakland to watch the Raiders steal a game from the Bengals. Today he'll hand out 500 Thanksgiving turkeys in Vallejo, Calif., as his busy offseason as a World Series champion continues.

Sabathia, of course, isn't the only baseballer enjoying his time off after a longer-than-long season. Check out what a few others did over the weekend we just closed.  

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No that wasn't a dream that included you chloroforming Pau Gasol before goosing Khloe Kardashian and throwing an alley-oop to Kobe Bryant: Will. I. Am., Fergie and A-Rod really did take in a Thunder-Lakers game together on Sunday.  Then they all went to the AMAs

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"I don't know if you've heard, Mr. Benedict, but I won my first World Series this year and would like to be comped the finest suite in your casino." 

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Chien-Ming Wang(notes) was back in Taiwan, doing what he did best in 2009 (ie: getting paid a lot of money to do some rehab exercises).

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Johan Santana(notes), Pedro Martinez(notes) and Carlos Beltran(notes) show Marc Anthony how to raise his OPS.

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Kurt Warner tells Albert Pujols(notes) that choosing to wear a St. Louis Cardinals jersey would have worked on more than one level Sunday afternoon. 

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Finally, this baseball blogger traveled South for a weekend of Ole Miss football, City Grocery shrimp and grits and some Pappy Van Winkle.  NL ROY winner (and Rebel grad) Chris Coghlan(notes) had a similar plan and was honored during his alma mater's big win.

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