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Last season, we probed the origins of the hilariously awesome "Baseball Boogie" with some of the key players from the mid-'80s Dodgers. To a man, Mariano Duncan, Rick Honeycutt and Ken Howell seemed amused — though not necessarily proud — of the rediscovered fame that the 1986 video has found on YouTube and the Internet. 

This week, ESPN Page 2's Jim Caple finally caught up with another pastel-jacketed participant, though Orel Hershiser wasn't as fond of the experience.

Here's what he told Caple:

"It's like someone picking your nose — you don't want to watch it," Hershiser said. "I see the first frame and I turn away. That might be the most embarrassing thing ever. It's right up there with 'The Super Bowl Shuffle.'"

Since Orel had to take that undeserved shot at the Shuffle — unquestionably the gold standard of team sports videos — I thought it only fair to point out that he has a knack for participating in cheesy collaborative songs from years past.

Witness Hershiser's appearance in 1991's "Voices That Care," a star-studded effort that came out during Operation Desert Storm. There are so many famous people involved — Ralph Tresvant! Joanna Kerns! — that Orel only appears onscreen at the 4:10 mark.

However, it's pretty much worth watching the whole way through to see appearances like Mike Tyson's at 4:33 and Kenny Rogers'(notes) at 5:03. There's a bunch of athletes in there, too, and a girl wearing a Dodgers cap (4:08) who I thought might be Alyssa Milano until I saw her at 3:44, sans lid. (Any guesses on who that woman is?)

A big BLS head nod to Deadspin, which posted this back in the day.

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