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Of all the terrible things to happen to New York Mets fans over the past few seasons, arguably the worst occurred at Citi Field on Thursday afternoon.

That's when they were forced to take in the first game of a  Mets-Padres doubleheader in the company of Lady Gaga, who predictably turned the contest into something that was all about herself.

Angry that the game's photographers were snapping pictures of her watching the Mets lose 4-2, Gaga made a big scene by flipping them the bird and then leaving her seat near home plate and relocating to a suite.

In Gaga's defense, it's hard to see why anyone would gawk at anyone who has made a career of calling attention to themselves and shows up to baseball games while wearing a bikini top. I mean, really, the nerve of those photographers. How dare they! 

MTV News reports that Gaga is actually a Yankees fan and has compared herself to Mariano Rivera in the past. So at least the Mets don't have to count her alongside Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick as celebrity fans.

Another bright side? There was finally someone at that park less talented than Oliver Perez(notes).  

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