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Perhaps someone just V-Day gifted him some bad chocolate, but Jose Canseco began a memorable Twitter rampage that began on Sunday afternoon and continued well into the evening. You can follow the whole order of events @JoseCanseco, (but be forewarned that his feed contains no strategically-placed biceps pics over his profanities).

So why was Canseco feeling so prickly on a day of love?

And why did he feel moved to introspectively tweet that "the world is filled with jealous, envious, hypocrites & haters  ... being quiet and nice has gotten me no where?"

Only Jose knows for sure, but it likely has something to do with Cage Writer's report that Canseco lied about meeting with Strikeforce executives about a potential MMA match against Herschel Walker. I can't really comment on that — the fight game isn't my 'sphere — but it's fascinating that Canseco continues Twitter to allow us an uncomfortable look into his mind. Without question, he's one of the most revealing athletes with a Twitter account. 

But that's not always a good thing. As I suggested to him, mid-rant, at some point you have to put down the tweeting apparatus and consider some fresh air.  

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