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In the wake of seeing another of his PED allegations prove true, Jose Canseco decided to hold a press conference in Beverly Hills on Thursday to address the inevitable horde of media eager to capture his "I told you so." Only problem? The presser was only attended by a reporter from the Associated Press, a photographer, four camera crews and his lawyer.

Wait, so you mean being a sideshow fighter to fill the time between being a baseball avenger is going to decrease interest in your other public appearances? You don't say!  

From the Associated Press:

It was probably fitting that Canseco was dressed all in black, given the news about Ramirez was the latest public relations mess for baseball officials. Canseco was visibly upset about being forced out of the game and can't believe other players aren't meeting a similar fate.

"I didn't get a second chance, I didn't get a fine," Canseco said. "I didn't get the chance these players are getting these days."

I'll give Canseco a big BLS head nod for bagging another trophy buck, but can he please stop with the whole "forced out of the game" and "no second chances" spiel already? He played 17 seasons for six different teams. So that would technically be five second chances, all while being injected with enough steroids to paralyze a brachiosaurus. Currently, the reason no one wants him back in baseball is because he's an unbearable weirdo that, as this picture clearly illustrates, no one can stand to be around

Thanks (?) to NBC Los Angeles, we have embedded video of the presser below the jump.

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