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Great photo: Tony La Russa shakes maracas for Carlos Santana

¡Oye como va! It's not hard to make out the blurry figure with his arms raised behind the percussionist. That's St. Louis Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa providing a little backup for legendary musician Carlos Santana(notes) at a recent show.

Citizen Ben Weixlmann thought that some might not believe him, so he tweeted a photo of La Russa, (pretty much) plain as day on stage at the historic Fox Theatre in St. Louis during Santana's concert Tuesday night. La Russa reportedly scooted over there after his postgame media session at Busch Stadium concluded.

And there he is, just like the ocean under the moon! He's even smiling, which is not something you usually see from The Genius.

Being a manager in Major League Baseball enables La Russa to do many good works, notably with his ARF foundation that rescues and raises awareness for stray animals in Northern California. By no means is he a perfect human being, but La Russa usually seems to mean well.

His station in life also yields some amazing perks, like getting to play the maracas with Carlos Santana. They seem to go way back, La Russa and Santana; the band has played at La Russa's benefit concert before.

As Joe Sports Fan humorously points out, La Russa owns a remarkably eclectic Rolodex of celebrity pals — ranging from from Bobby Knight and Bill Parcells, to Billy Bob Thornton and Sammy Hagar. Glenn Beck, too!

Now that Santana has played with La Russa, and La Russa with Santana, it might be assumed that Carlos is first among equals in Tony's civilian universe. Winning!

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