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On Tuesday, a Detroit city commission voted to tear down the remaining sections of Tiger Stadium, sealing the fate of both the structure and the preservation group that wanted to turn the corner of Trumbull and Michigan into a community space and commercial center. 

But while some Tiger fans might want to play the nostalgia fiddle they've been carrying around since the park's final game in 1999, there are others ready to finally breathe a sigh of relief at the end of a decade that has seen plans for the park botched time and time again.

Writes Kurt in a thoughtful piece on Mack Avenue Tigers that's worth your click:

"This Tiger Stadium thing has been handled poorly from the start — from the Tigers to the city to the councils to the commissions to the development corporations to the committees to save the world. A place of fond memories became overgrown with trees and weeds on the inside as the facade slowly peeled and fell off the outside. And then the wrecking ball hit it, again and again and again. First a gash, then a hole, then entire walls fell into piles of rubble.

"And just like that, on a fall day last year they stopped. What a perfectly Detroit thing to do, to leave an abandoned, half torn-down building to continue crumbling. Hey, what's another, right?"

As much as I'm a fan of baseball history and as much as I fell in love with Tiger Stadium after watching Tiger Town a hundred times when I was a kid, you have to agree with Kurt's sentiment ...  especially if you've ever driven into Detroit over the last 10 years, seen the overgrown and overweeded ballpark and were then moved to say, "They still haven't gotten around to tearing that thing down yet?"

So yes, it's a sad thing when a ballpark dies.

But as even Ernie Harwell admits, it's also time to let go. 

A big BLS head nod to @blessyouboys for the Twitter tip. 

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