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Coming to a lawn near you: Brian Wilson garden gnomesIf you were hoping to get through a week without any Brian Wilson(notes) news, I'm sorry.

It's just never-ending.

When he's not showing up to the ESPY Awards wearing a spandex tuxedo, he's selling tacos. If he's not dressing up as a sea captain on "The George Lopez Show," he's storming the set of ESPN "College Gameday" wearing an LSU Tigers football uniform.

Wilson is everywhere, doing everything, and we're kind of along for the ride. But now comes this news. For the second straight season, the San Francisco Giants closer will be involved in one of the more unique promotional giveaways around Major League Baseball.

In 2011, there was the limited edition Brian Wilson frozen-in-carbonite statue giveaway at AT&T Park on Star Wars Day. Next season, as we learned on Monday, the Giants plan to give away 20,000 Brian Wilson garden gnomes to fans attending their Bay Area battle against the Oakland A's on May 20.

Yes, the man with the gnome-like beard is going to be a lawn ornament. But as different as this giveaway is, it actually isn't an original idea. As you can see in the image above, the Hagerstown Suns of the South Atlantic League — the Giants former affiliate where Wilson pitched in 2004 — were the first to give away Wilson gnomes last August.

The design of the Giants gnome has yet to be revealed, but I hope it'll be a little more creative that what Hagerstown came up with. There's really no reason for a relief pitcher to be holding a bat. Perhaps that could be replaced by the cane from the ESPY's ensemble, or even the pipe from the Lopez appearance. A glove would be boring, but anything other than a bat would suffice.

Speaking of gloves. Another unique item of note on the Giants promotional schedule for 2012 is the orange texting gloves. Yes, texting gloves. Same thing as batting gloves, only you wear them for texting, tweeting and even dialing if you still use your phone for talking.

Why? I don't know the answer to that, I'm just here to report they will be available to the first 20,000 fans at their May 4 game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Good luck, and happy lawn decorating.

Big BLS H/N: SFist

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