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After he threw the 20th perfect game in major league history Saturday night in Miami, Harry Leroy Halladay got a phone call from the vice president of the United States.

I bet I know how the conversation started.

Roy Halladay(notes): "Hello, sir."

Joe Biden: "Roy, this is a big [bleepin'] deal!"

You betcha it is, so big that NBC actually cut away from the Philadelphia Flyers appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals to replay Halladay's last out against the Florida Marlins.

Way to show up the Brotherly Lovers of Hockey, Roy.

Seriously, this perfect game meme might be getting out of hand. Twenty of them for all time and three in the past 10 months? Mark Buehrle(notes) in July, Dallas Braden(notes) three weeks ago, and now Halladay.

Then there's the no-hitter Ubaldo Jimenez(notes) recently threw. Ah, mere chump change compared to El Perfecto.

Do we need to move the mound back? Roll in the outfield fences? Give the players aluminum bats? Three balls to a walk?

No, no, no. And no. We just need to enjoy the artists — or, in this case, the Doctor — at work.

Buehrle and Braden tossing perfect games came as a surprise to some because they don't have — no offense to those guys — overpowering stuff.

Halladay, on the other hand, was born to do this. The perfect pitcher threw a perfect game.

Watch him record 27 straight outs


I view Halladay like Quint looked at great white sharks in "Jaws." He saw them as the perfect killing machines. Emotionless, except for a certain amount channeled of rage when they attack.

That's how Halladay pitches. He channels all of his emotions into the craft. That a camera caught him smiling at all is amazing; Of course, it came after the perfecto was over. While the game is going on, Halladay has no expression. His eyes are like a doll's eyes.

He's a big bleeping deal.

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