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It was only last summer when Barry Bonds stepped up to a microphone at AT&T Park and said he wasn't retired.

And it was only last fall when a grand total of zero contending teams thought that bringing the OBP Master aboard would be worth the trouble or the distraction.

Regardless, the Home Run King is still insisting that his services haven't been officially shuttered, telling a TMZ flea that he's "still not retired" outside what looks to be a Los Angeles nightspot of some sort. 

The transcript:

TMZ: So you don't know yet, if you want to let it out, if you're coming back or not?

Bonds: I'm not retired

TMZ: So you're coming back maybe?

Bonds: I'm not retired

TMZ: If you did come back, which team would you go to?

Bonds: I'm still not retired.

Of course, there's still the pesky matter of that obstruction of justice trial he's scheduled to start facing on March 2 and hopefully he or his lawyers will ready a few responses that are better than "I'm not retired."

(And I say "hopefully" because this would seem like a great excuse to fire up another a second season of The Stew's Barry Bonds Job Watch, would it not?) 

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