James Harrison on Patriots: ‘Cheaters never win’

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

James Harrison knows why the New England Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI.

In the minutes after the New York Giants sealed a 21-17 victory on Sunday night, James Harrison took to Twitter to offer his insight into the game. Like any professional hater still hung up on events of five years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker referenced the infamous Spygate incident in which Patriots coaches were accused of illegally taping other teams.

Harrison is fortunate that the old idiom isn't about the lack of prosperity amongst unrepentant headhunters. Because judging by this year's results, they don't win either.

Early Monday morning, Harrison expressed surprise that his trolling tweet didn't get more attention. "Wow!" he wrote. "I didn't even trend with that, come on people love or hate me more!

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