Madison Bumgarner wins truck with 'technology and stuff' during awkward MVP ceremony

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Bumgarner MVP Truck

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After World Series Game 7, we'll never question the composure of Madison Bumgarner, who threw five scoreless innings after throwing a shutout just three days ago. Bumgarner earned a save and World Series MVP honors. With that MVP award came a free truck from Chevrolet.

The TV award ceremony for said truck and said MVP trophy, however, definitely made us question the composure of Rikk Wilde, the guy Chevy sent to Kansas City to present the award. It got awkward quick, as Wilde lost his train of thought, pausing a few times to look down at his notecards and at one point said the truck featured "technology and stuff." Oof.

Even Bug Selig seemed befuddled with what was going on.

The Internet, of course, mocked Wilde incessantly. He was trending on Twitter as "Chevy Guy." He was compared to trainwreck Toronto mayor Rob Ford and Chris Farley's "Tommy Boy" character.

Here's a perfect mash-up Vine:

Chevy, to its credit, isn't running from this. It has fully embraced the moment, adding a "technology and stuff" tagline to its website and tweeting about it.

In a 2014 world, this might actually be the best bang for their sponsorship buck.

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