Dante Bichette teaches Rockies the fundamentals of proper mullet maintenance (Video)

The Colorado Rockies were thrilled to welcome back an all-time fan favorite this winter when Dante Bichette agreed to accept their hitting coach position.

Honestly, given the unique circumstances that go along with playing 81 home games at Coors Field and then having to adjust to 81 games at sea level, I couldn't think of a better hire than a guy who has experienced that environment thoroughly, and probably succeeded in it better than anyone not named Todd Helton.

And that's not to suggest either guy mastered the constant transitions and the mental grind that goes along with it, because no one truly has in the Rockies 20 year history. But the one thing Bichette absolutely did master throughout the prime years of his noteworthy career was the proper maintenance of a truly epic mullet.

With that in mind and the above photo now ingrained in your memory forever, it should come as no surprise that when the Rockies put together their latest batch of always entertaining commercials, one of them featured a now completely bald Bichette putting aside an important lesson in hitting to educate his young disciples on the fundamentals of... you got it... mullet maintenance.

It's a fun little commercial so we hope you enjoy it.

Also, as Bichette says, make sure to use it before you lose it. That's an important life lesson.

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