Bryce Harper gets his UFC title belt, becomes first athlete to get honorary championship

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Fighters put in hours and hours of work in hopes of earning a UFC championship belt. Bryce Harper — the 21-year-old Washington Nationals outfielder — just goes on Twitter and asks for one. A few days later, it shows up.

It's not bad being Bryce. Remember that free burritos card he got from Chipotle?

Let's back up: A couple days ago, Harper said on Twitter he wanted a UFC title belt. Many athletes have WWE title belts — Clayton Kershaw, LeBron James, LeSean McCoy, etc. — but Harper's from the MMA generation, so it's logical he'd want to change things up. Now, he's the first pro athlete or celeb to be given an honorary title belt, a UFC rep tells The Stew.

UFC, which is based in Las Vegas, met up with Harper, who is from Vegas, on Tuesday morning at his gym to deliver the goods. Harper strapped it on and starting working out. (btw, he's not quite "as big as a house" yet, but he does look like he's been hitting the gym hard this offseason). The belt, if you're wondering, is a replica and it's worth $400, we're told.

Harper still has to keep his end of the bargain and hit a home run in batting practice with the title belt around his waist.

In the meantime — maybe even today — we hope he wears the UFC belt to the nearest Chipotle and chows down on free burritos, showing the world how swell it is to be Bryce Harper.

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