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    Charles Robinson

    Senior NFL reporter
    Charles Robinson has been a senior writer for Yahoo Sports since 2004, specializing in NFL and investigative reporting. Follow him on Twitter @CharlesRobinson.
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    Dak Prescott’s rise as MVP contender will be a double-edged sword for a Cowboys extension

    Asked if Prescott’s next deal will likely make him the highest-paid player in the NFL, a high-level agent replied: “Yep. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it will.” And he won't be the only Dallas star due big money.

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    Aaron Rodgers’ return to practice kicks off the Jets’ 2024 season. Here are 4 fixes he needs on offense

    Among the moves the Jets should make this offseason: call the Raiders and inquire about Davante Adams.

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    Aaron Rodgers returns, Frank Reich firing & future of the Panthers | Inside Coverage

    Jason Fitz is joined by Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Reporters Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein to go behind the scenes of the Frank Reich firing as they attempt to get to the root of the issues that have been plaguing the Panthers over the last few years. The trio discuss what led to Reich not making it through his first season, Bryce Young's future and how the Panthers plan to build around their young quarterback and how owner David Tepper needs to adjust his leadership style for the sake of the organization. Later, Fitz, Charles and Jori react to the breaking news that Aaron Rodgers has been designated to return to practice and cleared for "functional football activity." After expressing disbelief at how quickly Rodgers has recovered, the trio analyze why Rodgers is attempting to make this daring comeback and what has to go right for the Jets this season to make this work. The hosts finish off the show by discussing LB Shaq Leonard, his confusing release and some potential landing spots.

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    As Aaron Rodgers returns to Jets practice, there might be a good reason he's pushed so hard to come back

    The Jets opened the 21-day practice window for Rodgers on Wednesday, which might further signal his intentions with regard to the franchise and the people running it.

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    David Tepper's Panthers broke bad in multiple ways. Will he repeat the same mistakes in his next coaching hire?

    In terms of placing blame, there is a line being drawn to Tepper wanting Frank Reich to field a staff with significant experience, which led to multiple coaches with different ideologies being spackled into one unit.

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    It’s difficult to admit a mistake in the NFL. The Jets made the same one twice with Zach Wilson

    General manager Joe Douglas recognized the error and tried to remedy it, but in the process, he didn’t fully account for how dangerous Wilson’s inability to overcome mistakes could ultimately be.

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    As Browns reboot Deshaun Watson, the presumption of him recapturing elite trajectory is fading

    The idea that a quarterback can ever go through nearly four years of various struggles and then recapture previously elite form is dubious, at best.

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    Inside the Browns' front office perspective as Deshaun Watson out for season | Inside Coverage

    Jason Fitz is joined by Senior NFL Reporters Jori Epstein and Charles Robinson to go behind the scenes on the biggest storylines of the week. First up is the news that Browns QB Deshaun Watson will undergo season-ending surgery on his throwing shoulder. This carries massive implications for the Browns both this year and in the future given what they gave up for Watson, and Charles takes us inside the Browns front office to shed light on some of the decisions that led them to this point, including who is to blame for some of the roster's shortcomings. Later, the trio react to the Bills firing OC Ken Dorsey and discuss how this season went south for a team that was expected to be in Super Bowl contention. The group discuss Josh Allen and his apparent regression, the leadership of Sean McDermott and what the future of the Bills could hold if they continue to struggle. Finally, the hosts discuss the Jets and how Robert Saleh's continued defense of Zach Wilson could cause issues in the locker room. Jori analyzes Saleh's media strategy and points out that while Saleh is appeasing both Zach Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, he could start to lose the team's faith if the Jets continue to lose.

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    21 months later, the Bills haven’t gotten over that 13-second playoff collapse against the Chiefs

    What's as troubling as the firing of Ken Dorsey and the organizational debacle of Monday night was Josh Allen's familiar refrain, a level of fire that seems to be dimming as the losses and mistakes pile up.