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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson(notes) had a doozy of a touchdown two weeks ago when he went 88 yards to score in a rout of the Washington Redskins.

Eagles fans probably would have liked Jackson to save the effort for last night's 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears, which found the 23-year-old former Pro Bowler grabbing only two balls for 26 yards and no touchdowns.

Eagles coach Andy Reid certainly would have liked to seen more from Jackson. The Wilmington News Journal is reporting that Reid let loose on Jackson in front of the whole team after the game was over because Reid felt Jackson's demeanor was too loose and he didn't take pre-game drills seriously enough.

The paper notes that when the game was over, Jackson "sat in front of his locker with his face buried in his hands for about 20 minutes and had to be consoled by several teammates." Those included Michael Vick(notes), LeSean McCoy(notes), and Brent Celek(notes).

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Source: Wilmington News Journal

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