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In today's Monday Morning Quarterback Column, the great Peter King shares a fantastic story about Saints head coach Sean Payton, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and a bottle of wine.

At the combine this weekend, The Saints' staff went out to dinner to toast themselves again for winning the Super Bowl. Payton ordered a bottle of wine, specifically the Caymus Special Selection cabernet sauvignon, which is a lot like MD 20/20, except it doesn't come in "blue."

But the waiter told him that the restaurant only had one bottle left, and it was reserved for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Somehow, Payton convinced the waiter to give it to him instead. My guess is that the waiter got a healthy tip that evening.

Take it away, Peter.

Here came the bottle of Caymus Special Selection, and the Saints' party drained it.

But drinking Jones' wine wasn't enough. Payton gave the waiter some instructions, took out his pen ... and, well, the Cowboys party found at the middle of their table the next evening an empty magnum of Caymus Special Selection cabernet sauvignon, with these words hand-written on the fancy label:

World Champions XLIV
Sean Payton

Now that takes a pair. To drink the rich man's wine, and then you taunt him about it? Sean Payton has no fear, and it takes the same type of guts to call an onside kick to start the second half of the Super Bowl.

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