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If he had, he'd have been a little more prepared to make a good impression. And now, he might have to use Yahoo! HotJobs to find employment as a sales associate at Payless Shoe Source.

Okay, maybe things aren't that bad for him, but they're pretty bad. If you haven't been following the Smith saga, first, he showed up for the combine way out of shape. Then, his one-on-one interviews were said to be going poorly, as he was "inappropriately dressed and [had] been giving a number of conflicting statements as to why he was choosing not to workout at the combine," according to's Tony Pauline.

And then, because things weren't quite catastrophic enough, he just left. And in the process, probably cost himself a whole lot of money. 

CNBC's Darren Rovell crunched the numbers, and found that if Smith was going to be taken at the top of the first round before this whole mess (and he was -- key word being "was" -- considered by many the best tackle, or even player, in the draft), and now has fallen to the bottom of the first round, he'll have cost himself $23.8 million

Ouch. It hurts to even type that. Hopefully, Smith can get it turned around and morph back into a stud before Alabama's pro day. He can still get a lot of that money back. 

And there's no reason to believe he can't do it, either. If he can dominate for five years at Alabama, then somewhere in him is the discipline and desire to get back on top of his game. A man does not win Alabama's "Mr. Football" award in high school, make the SEC All-Freshman first team in 2006, make the All-SEC First Team in 2007, and then win the Outland Trophy in 2008 because he's a lazy headcase. Obviously, there's greatness in him somewhere.

Let's hope he finds it before his pockets take any more of a beating.

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